Friday, August 29, 2008

A day in the Life- -

Hello Everyone,
I've been busy.
I may have mentioned a rug I was making. Well, I've had it, or the parts of it for a long time. In the recent past I have pulled it out to work on, but for some reason, I couldn't make it look right when I would work on it, so I would just put in back on its shelf and forget about it for a while. Well, while my Grand Babes were here, I had it out again. My Daughter in Law took an interest in it so I showed her how to make her own and even gave her a bolt of fabric to take back to Nebraska. The more I messed with mine, the more disgusted I became. It seems, it kept wanting to look like a boat instead of a rug.
I was talking to EC about the whole thing, after I had pulled out several yards of fabric, yet again.
Suddenly, it became very clear as to the problem. I was trying to make it by doing a chain stitch and it was supposed to be a single crochet. What had I been thinking! After working on it correctly for a couple of days, I decided that I wasn't happy at all with the results of all the time spent and the confusion. I layed it on the floor, sat down in the middle of it and started pulling. I pulled for about 30 minutes and dismantled the entire rug. I feel so much better now.
Starting over was the only solution. By erasing all the past errors and starting anew, the entire project has taken on a different aura. It has gone so much more smoothly.
The rug is an oval, made from decorator fabric - polished cottons - that I had collected years ago when I lived in Memphis. Broomcorn's is a wonderful fabric institution that has been in business in Memphis for over 100 years ( I believe this to be correct). When a fabric pattern is discontinued, they would have a fabulous sale, yardage left on those big cardboard rollers, as little as $1.00 a yard. Naturally, I had to buy it, it was too good of a deal. With absolutely no clue as to what it could be used for in the future, I would load up the trunk of my Buick and haul it to the house to be included in my stash.
As time passed, someone showed me that, with a large plastic crochet hook, one is able to crochet with fabric. I was told to tear up old sheets into three inch strips, stitch them together end to end and just crochet as if with yarn. Well, that was cute, small, and had no color. My eye was on greater things, and after all, I do have a 'Stash'!
1997 - My rug making began. I've made seven or eight area rugs, one is nine feet by five feet. I did all this in about six months, you know how it is when you grab on to something new, and then I just layed it aside. This last one has been occupying a shelf in the hall closet for lo' these past ten years or so. The right time came along and now it is time to complete the task.
Even if I do say so, this one is very nice. EC likes it a lot, although the day that I tore it apart he did mention that I was - I believe the term was - "Crazy as a Betsy Bug" (not sure what that means, either). Now that it is taking shape again, he does see the wisdom in my decision. It is laying flat, as a rug should. In its other form, I believe I am safe in saying, it has ruffles on one end. That is not acceptable, no matter where you put it. It is much better this way.
Moving on, my Sister, Susan Claire, will be coming to my home next week. I am going to Memphis to pick her up at my nephew, Houston's home, on Monday. Susan lives in North Carolina and will be visiting her Son for the Holiday. Her husband, Larry, is leaving her in my care for a week. We are going to have a great time.
I am so excited. She has determined that she is going to paint my living room and hallway for me. She said that I could sew, she did not want any help. Yellow is the new look I have chosen and cannot wait to see it actually on the walls. New 'perk' at my place. How exciting!
I started teaching a "Quilt By The Mile" class last Saturday at Pinwheel. This group of Ladies is a lot of fun. I want them to be successful so I intend to spend whatever time it takes to make that happen. So far it has been fun.
My friend Adele came over this morning and spent the day. We had a lovely time. She worked on two Quilt tops for her nephews and I wrapped cotton clothesline with a wonderful red fabric for some bowls I have on my mind to make. Maybe I will get that done while my sister paints.
I must run, I think someone needs to empty the living room of all those rugs, bowls, paintings, etc., and tape off some woodwork.
We'll talk later,
Carol Ann

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Pat said...

Carol Ann, good to see you post again and loved reading about the rug. Knowing you, as I do, this sounds like something so "completely you" and I know the rug will be fabulous! Enjoy your sister's visit! Pat