Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Day In the Life

Hey, Everyone:
Last night we had our monthly meeting of the Arkansas Quilters Guild. I am the Program Chairperson, and because we had to cancel our 'out of state' teacher/lecturer, I decided that a 'Bag Sale' would be a great, fun thing to do.
A Bag Sale, simply put, means all Guild Members bring a sealed bag (of any sort) full of all the things that they may have bought in the past that no longer hold the appeal they did on the day they were purchased. It could be a pattern, a ruler, or perhaps your tastes in fabric changed.
Whatever, we all have stuff that we no longer want or use. This is a great way to pass it on.
We use the Silent Auction method. There is a time limit set on the shopping, everyone puts their name and bid, someone else raises it, so one is encouraged to place another bid. It's fun, only minor fights, no hair pulling, and a good time is had by all.
We also had a Vendor, The Rabbits Lair, from Rogers, Arkansas came down with loads of fabric, and other goodies from their Shop. We don't have any great sources for Batik Fabric here, so it is a great way to get some new stuff. I had a wonderful time shopping. I've been to their store, it is 'over the top' full of beautiful fabrics. It is well worth the three and a half hour drive. A great excuse for a road trip.
All in all the evening was a success, we raised money for our Guild and everyone had a good time.
Must run, Quilting calls,
Carol Ann, Quilter

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Pat said...

Carol Ann, Glad the meeting went well and y'all had some fun. Pat