Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Art of the "Fussy Cut"

Hello Everyone!
I was wakened from sleep thinking of how 'fussy cutting' was now effecting my life. I can remember back, and not too long ago, when I first heard the word 'fussy cutting'. Now isn't it really funny sounding! I thought so. But, I also wanted to know what 'fussy cutting' was, don't you?
It is simply cutting on the lines. If you have a fabric that has a pretty flower on it and you want the flower re-located, you would just cut it out, very carefully, following the line of the flower. Then you would take the flower and move it to where you wanted it to be; perhaps on a new Quilt you are creating.
Well, that technique has worked well for me in the past few years. I have 'fussy cut' my way through a lot of flowers and leaves on a lot of pretty fabrics. I have also witnessed the 'fussy cutting' of others and realized that not every one's Mama taught them how to stay in the lines. In 'fussy cutting', Neatness Counts!
Also, one must know what a 'Good Pair of Scissors' means.
As a teacher, I request that students bring a 'good pair of fabric scissors' to class. Would you be surprised to find that what some think of as 'good fabric scissors' will not saw through a single layer of fabric, much less a few layers? Well, sadly it is true. Investing in a single pair of good scissors is well worth the money spent.
Anyway, I love to cut my fabric. For my "Quilt By The Mile" projects I use my rotary cutter to cut my one inch strips. In my world, neatness counts there, too. Then, in the evenings, while EC and I sit to relax after Dinner, I bring out my favorite pair of KAI scissors and cut the forty-five degree angles at each end of every piece. Usually there are thousands of little four and five inch lengths, so having a good pair of scissors is a 'must'.
However; for 'fussy cutting', you need something a little more specialized. I have discovered some truly wonderful little scissors, made by KAI for Omnigrid. They are very small, very pointed and very sharp. I 'fussy cut' nothing without them!
After spending several years on the fringe of the 'fussy cutting' world, cutting out flowers on others' fabric, lately I've discovered that 'fussy cutting' freehand can be fun and challenging.
What, you might ask, could that mean? Well, I started by cutting leaves and stems, but I'm working on a Quilt that needs some under-water stuff. I've not studied under-water stuff, but I know wavy, flowing stuff grows under-water so I set out to create some.
I thought I had enough 'fussy cut' under-water stuff cut, until about three weeks ago. I decided on a fern.
I've become obsessed. I often hesitate to use that word, but in this instance, it is appropriate. I and now willing to add the word 'Art' to the term 'Fussy Cutting'. The entire world may have been aware of 'Artful Fussy Cutting', but I was not. Now, I don't see my future without including 'Artful Fussy Cutting' in it.
We all grow and change, our styles change, our appearance changes, our work and Art changes.
Mine has now changed, once again.
Quilting is my focus. Creating something pleasing to myself from fabric is something I have to do. For the time being, adding this one more wonderful creative feature is a must!
Make something pretty today.
Cut something wonderful.
I am:
Carol Ann, Quilter/Fussy Cutter

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fiberdoodles said...

Great post Carol Ann. I can't wait to see when you are finished.