Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Visit to Susan's

I have spent the entire day trying to get a picture out of my new camera into this befuddling computer. I have no idea how I managed, but nonetheless, a photo seems to be here.

I left here last Tuesday, spur of the moment, in that driving rain storm, and drove over to North Carolina. I finally ran out of the rain in Crittenden County. We all know how the scenery is between here and Memphis. All fields of rice, corn, some cotton and soybeans. And, yes, the Rivers. The White, The Cash, The L'Anguille, The St. Francis, and the 'Big Muddy' - The Mississippi River. I've crossed them all many times and never tire of looking at them, in their banks or out of their banks, this past Spring in particular, practically covering all of the eastern part of our state. I love the changing of the seasons, the changing of the fields and the changing of the Rivers.
I also love to drive. I don't mind driving alone. I love it! This trip, I took my Bernina and my sister Susan's Quilt that I am working on. The photo that I transferred to this site is of the center of the Quilt, resting on a couch in her kitchen/sitting room.
The drive, once I got to Memphis, took me across the 'Old Bridge' around the South side of the city so that I could get on Hwy. 385 that would zip me out to Collierville and connect me with Hwy 72.
Hwy. 72 is a lovely drive across the very northern edge of Mississippi and Alabama, and a fabulous, uncluttered change from I-40 across Tennessee.
Living in Central Arkansas, you pretty much accept the fact that to travel anywhere by car, you have to get on I-40 and deal with the heavy truck traffic. And it is the same in Tennessee. A 'Nightmare'.
My brother in law, Larry, told me about this route and I love it. Four lanes, divided, and no traffic. What a wonderful change. And the scenery is so different. Up and down the rolling hills of Mississippi to Corinth. Fields with horses or herds of cows. Crepe Myrtles that have not been desecrated by the Crepe Murderers, lovely old barns, gardens with corn and pole beans, watermelon and cantaloupe and tomatoes. Vender's along the way, selling what they had grown.
On into Alabama to Florence. You don't actually see Florence, you go around on Alt. 72. (The only thing I know about that city is that it was told to me in high school, that if one wanted to run away and get married, Florence was the place to go.) I wonder if anyone actually did that?
The only real city that you go through is Huntsville, Ala. and you know that because of the large Rocket on the South side of the highway as you drive through the City. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is right there, on the right. Once through Huntsville, your pretty much in mountains, as opposed to hills.
Highway 72 loops you up to Chattanooga, Tn. where I got on I-24 and the chaos that is the Interstate. I drove around that city in four and five o'clock traffic. Always a thrill. On the east side of Chattanooga, I got on I-75 north, for 25 miles and go off at the first Cleveland, Tennessee exit that would take me to hwy. 64.
If you've never been on Hwy. 64, let me tell you how exciting it is. It runs along the Ocoee River, the site of the 1996 Olympics White Water Challenges. The road is very winding, speed limit 45 mph, for a reason. It follows the River and there are sheer rock walls on the other side. It is a wonderful sight. Huge boulders cover the river bed and the swift racing water roils through the basin. On Saturday morning the 'joint is jumpin' with adventurers and the blue and white inflated rafts are rollin' on the river. It's quite a show!
At the end of the 'Copper Road' as it's called, you're in the mountains of North Carolina. Murphy is the first town of note and Hayesville, my destination is just 9 miles further down the road. I found my turnoff and made my way up the winding roads that lead me to my sister's home, at the very top and end of the road. WOW! My little Explorer was in high gear just to make the climb. Thank Goodness Susan's' driveway is level and long. Sort of a landing strip/resting place.
I needed the 'get away' and this is definitely 'away'.
Bears, turkeys, Indigo Buntings, wild cats, owls, hawks, raccoons, doves and a view to die for. The view changes every fifteen minutes. Fog, low clouds, rain, sunshine, all lovely. And it is cooler up here.
I was happy to spend time in this wonderful retreat. I got to sew, I finished piecing the top for Susan's Quilt and got the first boarder finished. I couldn't stay as long as I wanted. EC and the Pets wanted me back home. I got here Saturday night, before dark.
I hope you like this photo, maybe I'll get better at this and post more. I have a lot to share.
We'll talk more later,
Carol Ann, Quilter/Traveler

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fiberdoodles said...

Carol Ann the drive sounds wonderful! I love a good adventure don't you? I'm glad you had a nice visit with your sister and the quilt is turning out to be lovely. Can't wait to see the end result!! See you soon Chick!