Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Fun Day

Hello Everyone,
Our Guild Meeting was last evening.
Guild meetings are a wonderful gathering of lots of folks with the same core interest. I love to go early so that I can see everyone as they arrive, hug friends that I only get to see once a month, visit and catch up on lives, as much as one can in a short amount of time, and the big plus - we learn so many new things.
Our Guild starts off with a short business meeting - we have to get that out of the way, then on to the fun stuff.
Last night we gave away 49 orange fat quarters in a drawing. It is such a fun opportunity to see the faces of the winners. Bobbie and Catherine were the Lucky Chic's! I like to tease and tell them they must have a Quilt made from them by December. So far, no one has shown up with one. I'm still hoping.
Three girls and a guy joined our happy band last night. I hope they really do join in and become active and participate. It's more fun that way. There's no glory in participating, it just makes it all so much better for the whole.
Jim showed several of his recently completed Quilts during 'Show and Tell'. The man is a wonder. He and our friend Tom must have had a laughing good time naming the pieces. One of the Quilts he made from scraps that I gave him was named "Carol Ann Goes Bar Hopping". All the left over pieces were sort of string pieced and that's the name they came up with. It was pretty funny, as were the rest of the names.
I hope you'll go to the Arkansas Quilters Guild web site and look at the pictures. I think you'll enjoy seeing all of them.
Anyway, since Saturday and Monday were such a good time, I just wanted to write down that I had fun.
There should be memorable times that are fun. And they should be written down.
We'll talk later,
Carol Ann,Quilter

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