Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Back!

I have been locked out of my Blog since last September and even though I've tried to become more friendly with my computer, this has really been a source of agitation. Anyway, after contacting the fella that set up this site, he changed the password to one of my making and "I'm back!
Between Facebook and Blogging I think I will be able to let all my tendencies toward writing 'out' and chronicle pieces of my life as we enter the 'Golden Years'!
I love keeping 'in touch'!
Yesterday I did a brilliant thing. I ordered 4 yards of Super Soil from my local Nursery and they will be delivering it in the morning. What was I thinking?! I'm off to Quilt Camp on Friday morning, early! And my Friend Crayola is coming Thursday! I have already dedicated Thursday to loading my car - Quilt Camp requires that one remove everything in one's Studio and pack it into the car and haul it over to Ferndale, AR., and place it all out on a 6 foot table so that there won't be a dull or sewless moment -and Crayola will be here in the late afternoon. So that leaves Wednesday afternoon for me to shovel a truck load of dirt into my front flower bed. That may be doable, only problem, I need to dig up all my Iris and Day Lillies before I can shovel the dirt into the bed.
So when daylight hits today, you know where I'll be! My front flower bed seems low and flat and I wanted to elevate it a bit. That Black Super Soil will be a wonderful medium with which to do that and the Iris and Day Lillies will love it!
I have determined that this year will be the one in which I complete some of my Quilt tops that are finished but not Quilted, bound or labeled. I have about 7 in various states of completion and that's not counting the ones that I've cut out but not pieced. I have 2 or 3 of them to complete as well.
Below are listed some of my excuses for not finishing the Quilts but mainly, I made my Sister, Susan Claire a Quilt and it occupied this past year. But while not working on her Quilt, I was busy with other joyous persuits.
I've been on a bowl making jag, every surface of my living area has a 'clothesline' bowl on it. I usually wrap 300 feet of clothesline before I start a bowl. That way I can make a set without stopping. It is such a fun and mindless time of sewing. And I just love the results. I have 300 feet wrapped now, that I am taking to Ferndale, so I can make a set for my Daughter Laura Michelle.
My other distraction; the other excuse for not completing the Quilts, is a rug that I was crocheting. Well, I wasn't exactly crocheting it - it has been deposited in the bottom of one of my hall closets for about 8 years and every once in a while it would yell at me to finish it. So this past winter I got it out. What I had done didn't suit me so I pulled the entire thing out and re-crocheted it. When I completed the fabric I had cut to make it, I decided that I needed to add more to it, so after digging through my stash of designer polished cottons, I discovered several that would be beautiful. I had 5 yards of a black polished cotton that was perfect and I found a two yard piece of one fabric that I had already included. Eureka!
I tear the fabric that I use to crochet rugs. I rip it into four inch strips that I fold. I fold the two outside edges to the center and then fold it in half. This process puts all the raw edges inside and leaves me with a 1" wide, mile or two long strip to crochet with. The rugs that it produces are about and inch thick and beautiful. And they feel great to walk on. They also have a more formal look to them than the raw edge ones that you rip up an old sheet to make.
Well, my largest clothesline bowl is full of the strips and I've already stitched them end to end, so they ready to be crocheted. I want to finish that rug at Ferndale this weekend. It is beautiful already, so with the added fabric it should end up about 4' wide and 8' long and perfect for my entry hall. And I made it.
Susan Claire, my sister, gave me some fabric, actually quite a bit of fabric. She had beautiful, custom made drapes in her formal dinning room. One day, she decided they didn't suit her; she took them down, cut them off leaving an 18 inch drop and gave me the remaining 8 feet. That was 8 panels, 54 inches wide X 8 feet long. Oh my! What to do with all this beautiful Oriental fabric? I could make another beautiful rug, or; I'm thinking table runner, place mats, seat pads all made from the clothesline bowl technique. It will make a lovely set, don't you think? I'll probably still have plenty left for a rug and bowls. I'm taking that with me too. I can cut it up while I'm at Ferndale.
As one can see, the rest of my week is chocked full of stuff for me to do. And this day just dawned. I must get that shovel out and see if it still fits my hand. Oh, and breakfast!
So happy to be back!
We'll talk again - and soon I hope!
Carol Ann, Quilter/digger of dirt/bowl maker/rug crocheter!

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