Friday, August 20, 2010

Things that keep me busy!

So often, by the end of the day, and recently I seem to be putting a lot more into my days; I just need something quiet to do.  I always love to finish dinner and all things kitchen and just sit down with my feet propped up.  That quiet, last couple of hours left in the day before I close my eyes.
During this time I love to do something gentle, quiet and simple with my hands.  I am the sort that loves a nest, so when I finally end up on my couch, I have lots of projects near my hand.  I've told you about the hexagons that my friend Marylou got me hooked on. Well, it seems that for the past couple of years I've also been doing a little beading. 
I started this particular project while sitting with my Father in Law while he was in the hospital.  Beading is a quiet project and there are a lot of free times while caring for a loved one when beading can be picked up and I worked on this one little item.  It was some sort of little satin pouch that, because I didn't know any better, I thought needed some beads.  I used a beading thread that was suggested in a class I took years ago taught by Nancy Eha. 
Well, that was about 3 years ago and every so often I have revisited the little purple pouch and added more beaded fringe to the bottom.
At some point I noticed that the thread seemed to be frayed and I loved the little beaded fringe that I had added but was concerned that I might, at some point, loose the fringe due to thread failure.
Enter EC.  My husband is a fisherman and he gave me a spool of some of his fishing line.  I know what you are thinking, monofiliment.  Not exactly.  This stuff is called "Spiderwire".  There is zero stretch and it doesn't fray and cannot be broken without some really good scissors. 
Having said that, the only thing I could do was re-string all my fringe.  While at Ferndale this past Spring, my friend Pat told me of a wonderful fiberfill call "Morning Glory".  It comes in a 5lb. box at the local Wal-mart.  I had to have it and there is enough to stuff anything I'll ever make.  I just picked out a lovely little scrap of my batik fabric and sewed a square.  I stuffed if very well with the fiberfill and started my new Odyssey. 
I started transferring all my fringe from the pouch to the little stuffed pillow.  Now it's like something that is stuck to my fingers and I can't shake it loose.  I love adding more and more beads.  I am on the third side now and love what I'm doing. 
I haven't a clue what this wonderful little object is or what or how it can be used.  It is just something very pretty and I love to see it.
My friend Pat and my friend Marylou were at my house yesterday with a group of friends I had over for lunch.  Most of the day, Pat just held the little pillow and fondled and petted it.  I think that is probably for what it will be used.  Just a pretty to be fondled.


Heather Beading said...

I love to bead and find that there are many occasions that your can take a small project with you and work on it. I have a smaller version of your beaded cushion and use it for a pin cushion. Works really well. Thank you for sharing your latest beading.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely lovely Carol Ann, and I am totally on board with making something elaborate simply too look at and fondle!

Hmmm... could you bead me something in tight jeans, about 6'2"? LOL

Pat said...

Carol Ann, You are right, I did sit and just 'pet' your beading project. You are just lucky I'm honest, or I may have stolen it!! It is truly one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen....and, of course, green IS my favorite color. If it comes up missing, I swear I didn't take it!! Thanks, my generous friend, for making it and for letting me hold it so long.....enjoy your beading! pat