Saturday, August 21, 2010

WOW! I learned how to post photos on my Blog!

I am really happy!  This computer still remains a very mysterious animal, however; I seem to have managed to get some photos posted.  This has been a very frustrating task for me in the past, but I'll probably drive everyone nuts posting photos.  This is wonderful!
I've posted on past Blogs that I've been working on my "Ode to Fish with Lips" Quilt.  Well, now that I've mastered the maneuver of getting photos from camera to blog - here's a peek! 
The ferns that I 'fussy-cut' are three feet up the side of the Quilt, cut from a single piece of fabric.  It also goes across the bottom of the Quilt for about three feet, as well.  It took two months to cut the fern from the fabric and it is taking a great deal of effort to Quilt it to the background.  I am using #100 YLI silk thread to accomplish this, but it, like all the steps to a finished piece, takes time.
And I will not be rushed into messing this up.  I know I've had this in my machine for most of this year, but I personally do not like empty spaces where there is no Quilting, so it takes time. The bottom of the Quilt is heavily covered with a lot of 'underwater' stuff that came from my brain so I'm taking my time.
I hope you can tell, from the one fish that it Photoed, the little darlings do have lips.  EC didn't much care for them, he's a fisherman and thinks way too literally, but all the fish in my world have wonderful lips!  There are many on this particular piece. 
There is also a photo of another underwater plant, it too is fussy-cut from a single piece of fabric.  It is also about three feet tall and took days to place on the Quilt.  You might be surprised to know that once cut, all this fabric is awful to untangle and place.  So many tiny little pieces that want to go in many different directions.  It really does take a lot of time and patience.
I have a couple of friends that scuba dive and I'm sure both will tell you that they've never seen this sort of stuff underwater, but, as I mentioned, it's my world.
Also, I included a couple of photos of a rug I am crocheting. I have a few more rounds to complete and since it was on the floor of my Studio I thought you might like to see what I did with a lot of decorator fabric that I purchased several years ago.  Since I have yardage, this is the perfect solution.
I do, however; have a problem with these rugs (and I've make several), I hate to put them on the floor to walk on.  They are so beautiful.  I use 3 to 4 inch wide strips (you can only get 7 stitches per strip torn selvege to selvege) and I fold the raw edges to the center and then fold that in half.  This makes the rug thick and feels wonderful under a bare foot.  This particular piece fits perfectly in my entry hall and looks good there, but we'll see if I actually place it there.
Anyway, another peek into my world, Quilts, beads, rugs, baskets - the manic side of Carol Ann!
Hope you enjoy the photos.
We'll talk later. 

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Eddie Landreth said...

I love the rug you made, Carol Ann, it looks great. Melissa made a small one a few weeks ago, I think you've made a convert of her. :) And of course the fish with lips is just spectacular. Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece.