Monday, November 15, 2010

Quilters Block

Hmmmm.  After I looked at the title I choose for this writing I decided that it could be taken more than one way. 
As a Quilter, the first thing I learned about making a Quilt is 'the Block'. One doesn't necessarily have to make a block to make a Quilt, but that is usually where we all started.
I, however; am referring to the sort of 'block' that I seem to be experiencing at the moment. I can't explain it other than to say, "I seem to be stuck in neutral." I've heard of 'writters block' so I am drawing a comparison.
This very last Saturday I took a class in machine Quilting from my friend and very talented Quilt Artist, Judy Tipton Rush.  This was going to be the very inspiration that would draw me from this malaise. 
I loved the class, Judy is an expert at her craft.  Her work is perfection - really - I can find no flaws in her pieces and each one is beautiful.  One example of her perfection - she hand ties each thread at the end and then threads them through a needle and buries them in the batting, just like in hand Quilting.  I can't imagine the time it takes to accomplish this task.
I've never taken this step in my Quilting.  I don't feel that I'm doing something wrong, I just think 'I'm not there yet.'
Well, here it is Monday and I haven't even looked at the Quilt in my Longarm.  I think I am afraid of it.
So, right now, when I finish posting my musings on this subject, I'm making a pledge.
Every day, until I finish this piece, I am going into my Studio, no matter what, and do something to this Quilt!
No more goofing around! I am not ruining it! I must attack this with the same 'gusto' with which I began it!  I will finish it!  I will enter it in a competition! I will!  I will!
So there!
Thanks!  I needed that.  I'm off to my Studio!
We'll talk later,
Carol Ann

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Tom said...

Okay. It's the end of December, so how are you progressing?

I know you do fabulous work, so let's see it.