Monday, February 20, 2012


I may have mentioned before, however; something wonderful is worth mentioning again - I love my Pincushions! 
I love the shapes they can be.
I love the colors!
They are the perfect Gift!
They are easily made.
They can be embellished!
I love arrangeing the pins!  And on this point I can be a little silly.  I don't like my pins pushed all the way in.  When I want a pin I want to easily pluck it from its spot.  Usually, when you want a pin, you are probably holding something that needs a pin to secure it and that means at least one of your hands are full of something.  So, why fight with a pin that is pushed all the way into the cushion? 
They are very tactile - I have several that love to be held!

They are very collectable!  I have several that were made by someone other than myself.  I have two that my friend Pat Eaton created and I had to fight with others (litterally) to have them.  (there is a story to each)
I don't like to mix my pins.  Glass head pins have their own cushion.  The pins I use to secure Quilt tops in my longarm have their own cushion, little pins have their own place - I'm sure you catch my drift here - there is always a reason to buy more pins - there's always a cushion that needs them.
But, of course there are cushions into which I may never stick a pin.  My friend Pat made my beautiful green pin cushion from some antique linnen that she painted.  I just can't bring myself to poke a pin in it.
I still have the very first pin cushion I made 25 years ago, it fits on my thumb.  My friend Helen showed me how to make it - I couldn't believe how much batting we had to stuff into that small thing, but she kept on insisting that it needed more.  It is perfect and I love it.  And I use it, probably more than any other.
Pin cushions come in any shape you may imagine - I have a turtle.  Strawberries are a theme that is popular - I have three and they are all unique.  My friend Bibi made a beautiful green strawberry with felt leaves.  She gave it to me when I admired it.  Well, I thought - - I can make one like it.  Mine seems more like a  peculiar carrot.  There is humor here - I hope you get it?! 
Enjoy the photos - I just wanted to share something that gives me pleasure.
We'll talk later----


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