Friday, May 4, 2012

The Colors of My Work

I just had a fabulous trip to Paducah, Kentucky - Quilt City, U.S.A.!!!  What a wonderful time. I went with 11 old friends and a couple of new acquaintances and by all accounts - a 'Great Time' was had by all!
For those of you who couldn't attend - Paducah is a Quilters delight!  Quilters from around the world enter their Quilts in hopes of winning the prize and honor of a purchase award - the right to have their winning Quilts hung in the Museum of the American Quilter.  It is quite an honor so a visit to the Museum is definitely a must.  It is only a couple of blocks from the Show and well worth the visit.
Also, vender's from across the country come to show and sell their wares which means shopping is a must!
I did my best! 
Hancock's of Paducah - the best fabric store ever - is there too!  The thing that makes it the greatest! is

the huge selections of fabrics.  Nine isles of Hoffman Batiks!!! Nine!!!  Overwhelming! and that is just one manufacturer.  Plus, in the back warehouse - flat folds on table after table, and a bee hive of countless women searching for just the right one or just one more piece like the one she holds in her other hand - you just have to be there!!  It is such fun.
I love fabric and I can't explain it.  I just find it wonderful.  The color, the texture, the things I can do with it, Quilts, Baskets, Pincushions, there's an endless list.  I can also photograph it. 
I was lovingly fondling my new additions and liked the colors of my 'Stash' so I pulled a few boxes and took their picture.

The first photo isn't fabric - it is thread that I found at one of the venders in Paducah.  The lady, Hope, was a needle puncher and had several examples of her work hanging on the wall of her booth.  Well, they were beautiful so naturally my friend Debbie and I decided we had to be needle punchers too!  I now have three needles and a wonderful supply of threads with which we hope to create our own beautiful works of art.  I'll let you know how that works out.
I also took photos of the collection of threads I already have - just so you know there will be viriety in any needle punching I may do in the future.  Always good to have plans - right?!!!
I have been working on my Quilt; "Leftovers".  Fussy cutting - one of my favorite passtimes is a major part of this Quilt.  This is one of the blocks - there will be 30 of them - and they are all different.  Plus there are 30 circles that I will be adding some fussy cutting to as well.  As with all my projects - it just takes time - so the endevor moves along.
Just wanted to keep you posted - I've not been sitting idle - things are moving along.
We'll talk later,


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