Monday, June 30, 2008

A Day In The Life of A Quilter

On Tuesday, June 10, 2008, Sisters Adele and Bonnie, Their Mother Patty and I left my house at about 5:15 a.m. and headed north to Paducah, Kentucky - Quilt City, USA or Quilters Mecca. Adele, Bonnie nor their Mom had never been. I, on the other hand have been many times. It's about a five hour drive.
For those of you who do not know, Paducah hosts a huge Quilt Show ever Spring, the Museum of the American Quilter's Society is located there and the entire City, sitting on the banks of the Ohio River, supports Quilting year 'round. Also, a major draw, Hancock's of Paducah is located there. Just driving into town, knowing that Hancocks was only a mile futher down the road, I broke out in laughter. They have nine rows of Hoffman Batik's and that's just one manufacturer.
Naturally, we went to Hancock's first. After spending double the amount my dear Husband, E.C., had set for me, we directed our attention to the Museum. There is a time capsule burried out on the front lawn of the Museum, I was there when it was placed in the ground, with a plaque that says it will be dug up in 2043. I'll be very old, but if still able, I'll want to be in Paducah for the unearthing. As a Quilter, the Museum is so facinating. Some of the finest Quilts in the World are displayed there. It is wonderful to stand inches from the ones I am in awe of, and be able to study each stitch. Or stand back from them and be amazed be the design. I also wonder of the hands that created these masterpieces.
Sharon Schamber, Carol Bryar Fallert, and Diane Gaudynski, are my very favorits. Their skills overwhelm me.
After the Museum, we dined at Flamingo Row, a local eatery. I liked the old location better, then got us a room at one of the Druery Inns, across the hi-way from Hancock's. We were sitting there mulling over the possibilities and I remembered that someone had told me that Carol Bryar Fallert had moved to Paducah.
It was late in the day, after 5p.m., but the girls convinced me to call, perhaps listen to a recording and find out the time that we could go over the next morning.
I diled the number and a female voice answered. I didn't have a clue that someone would answer, so I wasn't prepared to speak. I think I stuttered, "Carol"!
Well, it was Carol. I told her that we were visiting Paducah and wondered if we could come by to visit her studio the next day. She said she would be teaching a class but if we wanted, we could come be right then.
I was astounded. I had met Carol before, at Quilt National in Athens, Ohio, several years before, but I knew she would never remember me. Anyway, we piled into the car and drove the 5 minutes to her Studio.
Carol has built herself a magnificent home/studio where she creates her wonderful Quilts, teaches classes, she has a small shop. It is also her home. She greeted us at the door, welcomed us in as though we were old friends and introduced us to her assistant Linda Baxter Lasco. We were ushered into the Classroom in the back of the home, a bright, spacious, fabulous room, a Quilter's dream space. Actually, she showed us the entire home, the huge kitchen with tables to seat 20 during classes, her private living room, and she directed our attention to her beautiful Quilt Collection, Quilts by some of the worlds finest Quilt-makers, and they were 'over-the-top' wonderful.
She took us upstairs and showed us the student's rooms, her private rooms and then she took us to her personal studio where she creates her magnificent works of art.
I was almost in tears. Carol was so generous to a group of strangers that wandered in off the street. I have admired her since I saw her work years ago (fifteen, at least) hanging at the Quilt Show in Paducah.
We stayed for at least an hour and when we left, she huged our necks.
I said all this to say, "On the whole, Quilter's are the most generous people". I don't know if Carol does this for everyone or anyone, but she did it for me. I will always remember the experience. She encouraged me, and showed a very personal side of herself that I think of as "tender". I will use her as an example of how I should be to 'beginning' Quilter's that cross my path.
Just thought I'd share the experience.
We'll talk later,
Carol Ann, Quilter

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Pat said...

Carol Ann, You did a fine job telling this story and Carol Bryer Fallert went above and beyond the "call" when she showed y'all around her new Paducah place. I know you all enjoyed it very much, just as I will enjoy reading what you write.
You're doing great! Pat at birdnestontheground