Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Day In The Life of a Quilter

Monday, July 7, I begin a Journey. I will be leaving my home and flying to Dallas, TX., changing planes and going on to Denver, CO. Chad, my Son, Daughter-In-Law Leslie, and my three Grand Children, Cole, Cassidy, and Caleigh will be flying into Denver from California where they have been visiting friends for the 4th of July Holiday. I think they will get into Denver about 30 minutes after I do. They said they would find me so I'm to stay put.
Anyway, after we find each other, we will be driving on to North Platte, Nebraska, where they live. That's about a four hour drive. Chad is the General Superintendant of Bailey Yard, the largest railroad yard in the world. That's a Brag, in case you may not have recognized it!
I will be staying the week with them in North Platte. We will be doing all the fun things Grandmother's do with Children and Grandchildren. I love to play with the Babe's. There will be domino's, bicycle riding, going to games; Cole is the pitcher of his Baseball Team, Cassidy rides in Competition on Pony Joe, her horse, and Caleigh Ann plays Softball. I'll also be cooking for the family, as I think they miss their home cooking.
Cassidy's last Horse Show will be next Saturday, then we'll be loading up the family SUV. Sunday morning, Leslie, Me, Cole, Cassidy and Caleigh will be starting off for Houston, TX. That's where their family lived before being transferred to North Platte. I haven't figured out the distance, but we may be driving for a couple of days. The Babe's will be visiting friends and so will Leslie and I.
My oldest friend, Crayola, lives in Houston and I will be visiting her. I can't wait. We share so many things in common. I'm going to show her a new Quilt design that I have discovered. She is going to cook for me. Her husband, James, will be out of town, so we will be on our own. We love to go to "Whole Foods" and graze. We plan to watch movies, eat, and sew. I know we will have a great time. Leslie will pick me up on Monday morning, the 21st of July and we will be heading to my home in North Little Rock. That's only a seven hour drive from Houston. Leslie will spend the night with EC and me and then she is off to East Tennessee to visit her Mom.
For sure, EC will be glad to see me when I get home. My cat will be mad at me for two days, but he'll be glad I'm back, too.
I hope I'll be able to enter updates about my trip while I'm away. I love to keep in touch.
I haven't written this whole week. I've had two different friends over each day this week, both wanting to sew with me.
Judy wants to learn how to Quilt. I've helped her buy some of the "Toy's we Quilters use, and taught her a simple block to make, so that she can get her feet wet. She's doing a great job.
Also, my friend Marilyn loves to come over to sew. She's making her friend Patty a Quilt using "Quilt By The Mile" and I helped her with her boarders. It's a beautiful Quilt. Patty will be so happy when she gets it.
EC is awake. That means it's time for coffee and breakfast.
We'll talk later,
Carol Ann, Quilter

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Pat said...

Carol Ann, You have a great trip, enjoy the kids, grandkids, sights and sounds and all that good stuff. When you see Crayola...please tell her I said hello! You take care and I hope to see you at the August Knot meeting. Travel safe, Pat