Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"In the life of a Quilter"

Hey, everyone!
I just got home last evening from Fort Smith, Arkansas. I had a two day class there, teaching "Quilt By The Mile. Lula, Angie, Joanie, Joyce, Margaret, Amy and Meridith worked wonders with their fabric. Amy finished first, she took a shortcut, because she has young children at home and couldn't attend the second day.
Joanie was the second over-achiever. She stayed up until 2 a.m. and finished hers'. Her color choice was 'bright batiks' and the only way to describe her finished piece is to say "Tropical"! Picture the drinks you have in Florida and that describes her piece. It is beautiful. We worked on a design for her to finish her Quilt top, so I hope to have a picture to post very soon.
Angie and Lula promised to come to Little Rock to see me for a consultation on how to finish their
Angie decided to use bright red and whites. After sewing for a while she changed her mind on what she wanted to do with the finished "QBTM". She decided to add a third row, one of the techniques taught in the class. We picked out a wonderful bright red Hoffman Batik. It will be a beautiful addition and make her original piece really sing in a bright red.
Lula chose reds and purples for a 'Red Hat' effect. But after seeing her finished piece, she changed her mind. It is too pretty to cut up. There was an orange red fabric in her Kit and she was concerned that is didn't go with the other reds, purples, pinks and lavenders. Now that the piece is finished, she said it would be hard to picture it without that color. It really made the finished "QBTM" stand out.
Lula loves cats, so now she is considering adding two Siamese silhouette's, fused to the top. I can't wait to see the finished Quilt. It will be wonderful!
Meridith bought a Kit from Blossoms Quiltworks, our local fabric shop. It is all 'Fall' colors. She wanted to add a tree and branches with falling leaves. She had see Debbie Hedden's beautiful Quilt and wanted to try her hand at something similar. She promised a picture and I'll post it as soon as it arrives.
Amy is Meridith's daughter. Amy's piece is all black and whites. Since she left early, we didn't have a chance to talk about what she will do with her piece, but it is lovely.
Joyce chose 'Desert Colors'. I was in Rogers, Arkansas the week before and had a chance to visit Pam and Cliff at Sager Creek Quilt Shop in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. They have such a huge selection of fabrics, so I pulled the 'Desert' Kit from their stock. WOW! It is beautiful! The colors are all subtle pale greens, sands, purples, and oranges. Joyce said she would mail me a picture, as the Internet is not her 'thing'. I know it will be a wonderful Quilt.
Rianna came for the second day. She had been in Kansas for the Quilt Show there. She is making a piece that will be water. She had some beautiful 'fish' she wanted to put in the water. I can't wait to see her Quilt. I hope I can get a photo for you.
I must run for now, I have the water running in my back yard. We need rain here. My yard is looking a little puny. But, my daylillies are still fabulous and I ate a huge fig from my tree last night. I have six or seven tomato's, too, still green though.
We'll visit again soon
Carol Ann, Quilter

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