Monday, October 13, 2008

What's UP For Today?

My Sister Susan Claire is on her way! The Whirling Dervish of the Paint World! I am excited and anxious. I still have wallpaper in a couple of places and she'll be here with paint brush/ladder in hand.
I am still thrilled with the Quilt I finished last week.
I will be doing the Program tonight at Arkansas Quilters Guild and am so excited about doing that. I don't think I have shown my work or told the story of becoming a Quilter since 1998. Susan, against her will, is coming with me. She would rather be painting, I know, but I told her this was a big deal to me. She'll come.
I think my kitchen is going to be green. I have white cabinets so I know it will look fresh and new. EC wants me to paint the cabinets, now there's a lot of work! But, they really do need it. I love the paint I used to do the front door, it will look great on the cabinets.
Lowe's and Home Depot opened about 10 minutes ago, Susan should really be in my driveway right about now. I can feel it.
I'll try to let you know how things are going, but we'll see--
We'll talk later,
Carol Ann, Quilter/Wall Paper Stripper/Whatever it Takes Chic!

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