Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh, The Misery

My kitchen does not have a single open space of wall. Six inches, a door, six more, another door. Then eighteen inches, cabinets, then a corner. My Goodness! And the ceiling is nine feet so I have to climb an eight foot ladder, stand on the third step, leave room for my 'Helper Kitty' so that he can come and go, hold on to a squirt bottle, the wall paper claw, and my scraper, reach over the top of the cabinet to claw, squirt, then scrape.
I must say, builders who allow 'wall paper applicators' to apply wall paper on raw sheet rock should be taken out and glued and papered and left to the elements. At this moment I hold them in very low regard.
I worked ten hours on Tuesday and twelve hours on Wednesday clawing, scraping and squirting, and still have the oven wall and sink wall left to claw, squirt and scrape. My right hand is permanently deformed. I've poked wallpaper and that mud stuff under my finger nails and into the quick, so my finger nails throb and standing on that ladder hasn't done my poor feet any favors, either.
Oh, and we still have to pull the refrigerator out to do all the above.
EC says that there should be an enforceable law that states, "If you put the stuff up, you gotta be the one to take it down". And I'd vote for it!
"Got any cheese for this whine?"
Oh, but there is a wonderful 'up' side. I can stand in certain places and see no wall paper at all and I can imagine how beautiful my kitchen will be. I have white cabinets and no matter what color I choose to paint these walls, it will be beautiful.
My sister, Susan, told me one month ago that I had thirty days so I needed to start pulling the paper off the walls. She said to do a little every day so it would be finished when she gets here on Monday morning.
As I mentioned earlier, however; I had a Quilt in my longarm that begged to be finished. You can now see where my priorities are. I spent the whole month working like a 'mad woman possessed' on this beautiful Quilt and left these few remaining days to strip the paper.
I work better under pressure. This is the story of my life. I must love doing things this way.
Be that as it may, there is still no excuse for builders. I still wish them ill and deplore their shoddy methods. Pity the next poor fellow I meet that tells me he builds houses for a living!
Next week, we will be painting again. Susan paints like I Quilt. We will be up day and night with buckets and brushes and she loves wet rags. Kitchen towels to me. It will be a wonderful time spent with my sister.
I realized, after her last visit, that it was the first time since we were children, that we had spent that much time together. We've always allowed time and distance and our own lives to get in the way. It will be a fun thing to do together. She is a remarkable woman.
Must run. I really should sleep. The walls will be calling when daylight gets here. Why am I up at 3 a.m.?
We'll talk again, soon.
Carol Ann, Quilter

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Pat said...

Carol Ann, This sounds so like you...busy as heck and up to your neck with impossible tasks. You'll get it done, I know and I hope you enjoy the results for a long time. Have fun with your sister...I know you will...and tell us about it later.
Take care. Pat