Friday, May 15, 2009

Overwhelmed & Out of Touch

Life has a way of taking over sometimes. Since last we talked, I feel as though I was pushed into a siding and left. Things have been going on around me and I guess I was just caught up in it.
My Mother-In-Law's illness and subsequent death took me to Memphis and left me there.
I couldn't leave while she was ill and after her death there was so much there to do.
I feel as though I have turned a corner and EC and I are moving on.
One marked occurrence, EC's hair has turned almost solid white. Just a little stress.
Anyway, I have rejoined my life. Our Quilt Guild has a wonderful guest, Margarete Heinisch. Her work is world famous and we loved having her as a guest and the opportunity to see her Quilts in person. WOW! Also, I feel as though I've gained a friend. She made me promise to do something which has sent me in a very positive direction. She left here Tuesday morning and I have been sewing ever since.
Earlier today, I took my latest Quilt, " A Fish in My Garden" over to George Chambers Studio.
George photographs all my Quilts. He is an excellent photographer. Margarete made me promise that I would get it into a show. This is the first step.
I plan to take it easy all this week-end and Monday morning, 4 a.m., I plan on driving to Houston. I promised my friend, Crayola, that I would come to see her last October. Since I've been otherwise occupied, that trip hasn't taken place. We had moved it to February, but I was sitting with my Mother in law in Memphis, so that didn't happen.
Anyway, I am looking forward to the drive and the visit. We both have had losses and crisis's and the 'get away' will be fun. We plan to sew.

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