Saturday, May 23, 2009

The - To Be Continued

Moving right along- - - - -
I started putting the binding on on Tuesday night, and discovered that I had begun at the top. That's no problem, except that I was stitching down the binding on the top of the Quilt and I hadn't put the sleeve on. Now, there is a problem! I had just finished the corner and stitched about 14" when I realized that I was stitching the binding down on the top. Well, that is all wrong.
I put a knot about every two inches, a permanent knot. Soooooo, it all had to be taken out. Tuesday stitching, a total loss.
Wednesday, I started all over again. I made the sleeve, beautifully, I might add, and then moved on to attaching the binding, once again.
This time, more successfully!
I worked all day long, never moving from my nest at my end of the couch. Thursday, I had previously made arrangements with my Sister, Susan, to meet in Memphis and give her the Quilt that I had Quilted for her neighbor (in North Carolina) George. (An old piece that his now Dearly Departed wife had, at one time worked on) I wanted that Monkey off my back. I decided that I could ride and stitch at the same time. EC could check on his Mother's home while we were there and I could sew while I visited with Susan at her Son's home.
I never looked up, all day, on the trip to Memphis, while I was at my Nephew's, and all the way back to Little Rock. I was stitching.
We got home a little before sunset. I came inside and sat back down at my appointed spot, the end of the couch, all the while, stitching.
I finished at about 1 a.m.
12:30p.m. I was at George's and ready for the photography session. George had a black background up and the light's were ready. He pinned the Quilt to the background and took one photo. He asked what else I needed. I was surprised, but told him I needed a close-up.
Margarete told me the be sure to use the 100 piece "Century Log Cabin" for the close up. So George took a photo of that and showed me the digital. Well, it didn't suit me. I saw a great patch of Quilting and asked for him to shoot that. He did, and WOW! It looked fabulous.
So that was the close-up we chose.
He said he would call when he got the CD ready.
Sunday, 11:30a.m. he called. I was at Church. I got the message as soon as I got home and
raced over to pick up the CD. It was great.
I couldn't sleep because of the excitement, so at 2:30 Monday morning, I was up filling out my paper work for entering my Quilt in the International Quilt Festival in Houston in October, 2009.
I had thought all along that the deadline was Monday and the postmark was the qualifier. Wrong! The dead line was Monday! Period!
Well, I was going to Houston anyway, so I packed everything up and hit the road for Houston!
I would "Hand Deliver" the application.
Crayola called, they said it was OK to bring it into the office. The Office was in Crayola's neighborhood, so when I got there, I changed clothes, put on some lipstick and off we went.
The rest is now history.
What a wonderful day it turned out to be.
We had a great time .
We'll talk again soon,
CAW, Quilter

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