Saturday, May 29, 2010

What Are We To Do?

This past week something happened that has given me pause for thought.
Sharon Heidingsfelder was my dear friend and Mentor. She passed away several years ago, way too young and talented, and a great loss to me personally and many in the Quilting Community.
Her husband Jack sent an e-mail wanting someone to help him decide what he could or should do with her beautiful Quilts. He just has them folded and put away. He was very sad that they weren't being seen and wanted suggestions as to what he should do with them.
Well, we've sent e-mails back and forth and we've come to a couple of solutions, but this is what has started to bother me - What will happen to our Quilts when we are gone?
The Quilts that I give as gifts are not my "Art" Quilts. They are not the ones that I have appraised. But I do spend a lot of time making them, binding them, lableing them and putting hanging sleeves on them.
I said all that to say all this, and I'm sure all of you have stories about what has befallen some of your Quilts, but what should be done with them after we are gone?
Is there a place that will have them, some Museum, Art Gallery, School?
I have also collected several Antique Quilts. I found them at flea markets. I'm sure the maker's
children sold them at a yard sale for pennies because the most I've ever paid for an Antique Quilt was $200.00 (and that was in Monteray, California - everything was high).
Anyway, where will your Quilts go when you pass away.
I'd love suggestions. Or perhaps selling them at yard sales is a good thing, maybe they will find their way to a good home where they will be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

A very thought provokiing post Carol Ann. Like yours, my family is not overly interested in my quilts. I am the first quilter in the family!

I try really hard to make quilts THEY will like, but that's not always easy as our tastes differ. And... I also understand, because my dear mother in law makes quilts for my husband and me, that are SO different from anything we would ever choose, that I have a difficult time displaying them regardless of knowing how much work and love went into them. Shameful I know!

These quilts, I don't worry about. They ae gifts and they can do with them as they please, and I don't worry about what will happen to them. Hopefully, they will enjoy them enough that they wear them out, and there won' be anything left behind to worry about!

If I were an art quilter like you, I would want those quilts to be safe and preserved for future generations!